At DKO, we do things differently.


So, you need an Optician?  Why choose us over the high street?  After all, they have all the special offers, great deals, great prices, great service.
Or so their adverts tell you.

The reality can be different. Not surprisingly some of our clients have been tempted over the years…

"It was like a cattle market"

"All they wanted to do was flog me the highest priced glasses"

"They tried six times to get my prescription right"

For us, we accept that we’re never going to make as much money as they will.  Quality of life, quality of service and quality of product are more important.  To be able to offer an expert service and tailor our eyecare and specs to the individual is so much more rewarding, that’s why we do it our way.

Our way is placing you first.  You are more important than how much you spend.  For 24 years we’ve been doing it our way which is different to the high street.  Maybe we’re a bit old fashioned in our approach, maybe giving time and expertise in a relaxed manner isn’t the best business model, but that’s what we do.  And we love doing it that way!

You’re an individual.  Let us show you how to be treated like one. Check us out, test us, even push us.   Give us a call or pop in for a chat or a coffee or both.  The road less travelled can often be the more interesting and rewarding!