Lenses from DKO

Glasses is glasses, is glasses, right?


If you want a simple frame and effective lenses at a modest price to serve as a reliable vision aid, your needs are relatively little and easily met.

We can do that.

On the other hand, modern optics can give you the clarity, comfort and convenience of vision as though you didn’t wear specs at all, well, almost!

A pair of binoculars can cost £25 or £2,500 but ostensibly do the same job? Such is the case with spectacle lenses. Our aim is to make the most of the vision you have and make it as natural for you as possible. This offers you the freedom to carry out your everyday tasks with little or no limitation.

Natural and Freedom are our Watch Words

Younger Vision

Primarily lenses designed to correct vision in the ‘distance’. When we’re young our eyes are flexible enough so we can wear one prescriptive value to see at all distances.

Our first-choice lens for you to see the world as it truly is would be from our SV360 range. This lens not only corrects your vision it also increases sensitivity to contrast over conventional manufacture by an average of 30% and produces minimal distortion. They allow you to achieve a better perception of small objects, see textures and visual detail more clearly and achieve a stronger colour perception. With our bespoke fitting service we can also make them up to five times more optically precise than standard production lenses. Starting at £149 they really do represent excellent value.

‘Digital Stress’

With the advent of the digital devices we now all use things are changing. Research has shown* that we habitually use our smart phones and tablets at a closer working distance than we would read a book or newspaper. This can place a ‘digital stress’ on our visual system. This is often due to a combination of the muscles inside your eyes needing to work harder at these shorter distances and the nature of the screens we view.

By carefully designing a lens to relieve the added muscle tension and filtering out the potentially harmful blue/violet light from the screen, vision can be much more comfortable and allows us to do as we wish in greater comfort and safety.

*Detailed information can be found here

Mid to Older vision


In the main these days we’re talking about a varifocal of some sort. The majority of lenses are used for everyday wear and seek to give distance, intermediate and near vision. These lenses are available from £99 at the economy end to £5-600 for completely bespoke in specialist materials.

All varifocals create optical distortions as we vary the power throughout the lens. The difference between the ranges is how these distortions are treated. The more refined the design and manufacture the less noticeable the distortions, which leaves you to enjoy the closest to your natural vision we can currently get. In the main we recommend the Essilor X series lenses which have taken a pioneering approach to varifocal design. They gave a 91% satisfaction rating on quality of vision at all distances in their field trials and enhance your vision better than any other lens available.

Detailed information can be found here

Saville Row comes to Somerton

As leaders in offering advanced optics to our clients we are one of only twenty-five in the country currently able to offer complete personalisation of your lenses. By analysing your individual head and eye movements, we can manufacture your lenses to a precision previously unknown. This allows you to experience almost completely undistorted vision whilst still maintaining the convenience of clarity at any distance. Why compromise your freedom when it’s so easily retained?

Modern life is demanding on mature eyes. Traditional single vision reading glasses are great for working at one distance, but often nowadays your lifestyle, your hobbies or even your livelihood can depend on seeing clearly at varying distances. Modern lenses are designed around the tasks which have become more and more prevalent in our lives - using a computer, paperwork, taking notes in a meeting, DIY, using smartphones and tablets – and enable you to retain your visual freedom with a natural comfortable posture. With our expertise, we can enhance your lenses for the things you do most of and give you back the depth of vision you need to take away the restrictions imposed by single vision reading glasses. So, no matter what task is at hand comfortable, clear and natural vision can be achieved.