Visual Health

About one quarter of the human brain is involved in visual processing - more than any other sense. Your eyes are fantastic if sometimes not perfect.

Your eye examination will show up any obvious ocular anomalies and give us your prescription, but, your eyes are constantly under insidious attack, especially in our digital age.

Light is a source of life…..and a potential danger for our eyes

The effects of sunlight exposure on the skin are well-known, but awareness of its impact on the eyes is lower. Alertness about blue light and its effect on your well-being is rising but even less well known.

Protecting Your Eyes

UV rays and harmful blue-violet light may have an impact on eye health

Natural light is a blessing, and not only for morale; it is a necessity for our overall well-being, but it’s all a matter of dose. 

Scientific proofs are accumulating: over time, UV rays have a cumulative impact on our eyes. UV light can accelerate eye ageing and the early appearance of cataracts*. It is estimated that around 5 million people worldwide become blind from cataracts annually*. Children’s eyes are particularly vulnerable to UV rays because their crystalline lens is not yet mature and lets through 75% of UV, compared to adults’ eyes with just 25%*.


Lately, science is also turning an eye on another source of light that may be responsible for retinal cell degeneration*:  Blue-Violet light is mostly emitted by the sun, but as well by increasingly popular artificial light sources and digital devices.

Because people live longer, they are more exposed to harmful light sources. Their cumulative effects are one contributing factor of age-related eye diseases* and discomfort. Some scientists estimate that in 30 years, twice the number of people will be affected by cataracts and macular degeneration*.

In our assessment of your needs we explore the benefits of UV and Blue Light protection.