Your Glasses

Your need for spectacles can be a bothersome inconvenience or a means of self-expression, they can make the difference between working comfortably or struggling to see. They can keep you legal and safe to drive and they can be off the shelf or bespoke in the true meaning of the word. They can cost a few pounds or a few hundred pounds. The choice is vast and can be confusing. How do you decide what sort of specs you need or want and how much you need to invest to achieve that?

The first step is to have a chat with a qualified optician. Many high street ‘stores’ employ assistants with minimal training who’s primary goal is to sell to the highest level possible. A proper consultation involves assessment of your needs as an individual and will take account of your lifestyle as a whole. We offer ranges of specs to meet all budgets and you’ll find you’re treated much more as the individual you are.

At DKO we’re much more service based than sales based which helps ensure your money is wisely spent.